Moving Beyond Body Size Monday

This is my first post in a new series slated to help men and women move beyond body size to live a happier more fulfilled life, loving and accepting their body as it is.

I will explore these topics:

Can you be fat and healthy?

Can you be fat and fit?

What is BMI?

What are the alternatives to BMI?

What is sexy?

What is feminine?

Why do we let the diet and fitness industry control our thoughts through marketing?

How to love your body just the way it is.

How to accept yourself.

How to move past a number on a scale to achieve real weight loss goals and fitness goals.

Plus many more.  I am very excited about this topic.  If you want to empower yourself with one on one Holistic Health Coaching to help you move beyond body size to totally accept your body as it is, message me for a free meet and greet.  Use the contact form below to sign up for my weekly newsletter and get some awesome freebies, plus special offers.