Cold and Flu Prevention: Break the Chain of Infection Part 6

This is the final part of this series of posts.  The 6th link in the Chain of Infection is you, the possible host.  Whether or not a host gets sick depends on how strong the organism is, how fast it can replicate in the host, and how strong the Immune System of the susceptible host is.  Most vulnerable are people with weakened Immune Systems, hospital patients, elderly, infants, and anyone who needs any kind of invasive medical procedure.

To break this link, obviously keeping the host as healthy as possible is optimal.  Ask your doctor about taking a probiotic, Vitamin D and getting enough Vitamin C.  The Flu shot would also be in this section.  Barrier devices such as gloves and masks for healthcare workers would also be in here.  As I have said with every other post on this topic, good handwashing should always be the first line of defense.  Proper disinfection and cleanliness are also of utmost importance.  Don’t forget to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night, and eat a healthy diet staying away from processed foods and too much sugar.  Use the contact form below to message me at any time.

Stay healthy and safe!


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