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Cold and Flu Prevention Part 1

This post was updated on 3/31/2021 It does not apply to the Covid vaccine. I am fully vaccinated against Covid. You can read about my experience in the archives. I do not get a flu vaccine generally speaking.  That doesn’t mean I never will.   I much prefer keeping my Immune System as healthy as possible and preventing infection using the Chain of Infection method. This does not mean I am against the Flu Vaccine or am telling anyone to not get it.  Everyone has to make their own informed decisions about these types of decisions. If you want to get the flu vaccine then do so. If your doctor has recommended to you to get the Flu Vaccine, then please follow your doctor’s advice. Even if you can break just one link in the Chain of Infection, a lot of colds, and cases of flu may be prevented.  Now, this is much harder than just getting a flu shot because it takes time, effort, and some skill to do it.

The first link in the Chain of Infection is the illness-causing organism or pathogen.  These are usually a virus or a bacteria.  The flu and cold are both caused by a virus.  They are very easy to spread and catch.  In order to break the first chain, and prevent getting a cold or flu, disinfection must take place.  Disinfecting will kill germs.  This is different than cleaning, or sanitizing.  Sanitizing will lower the number of germs but not kill all germs.  Be sure whatever product you use that it states it is a disinfectant.  Be sure to follow directions and mixing ratios.  You should disinfect daily during Flu and Cold season, so from Halloween until March, I disinfect every 3 days.  However, if someone is showing symptoms, or we are having company then I disinfect daily and before and after company leaves.  You don’t have to disinfect everything, but door handles, faucets, tables, countertops, and other commonly touched areas.  I also will put a squirt of bleach in dishwater and on sponges or dishcloths.  Common disinfectants are Chlorine Bleach, Alcohol, and Hydrogen Peroxide. However, be sure to visit the CDC website to be sure you are using disinfectants properly for them to work correctly. Lysol and some other products are also labeled as disinfectants. If you work in Health Care, like me, removing your clothes as soon as you get home and putting in laundry, leaving shoes outside, and disinfecting your car are also great ways to help break the first link in the Chain of Infection.    Be sure to wash hands frequently after touching areas that may be contaminated.  I carry alcohol-based hand sanitizers everywhere.  Other ways to break this first link are to get enough sleep, do not over consume sugar, or other junk foods that will reduce the effects of your own Immune System.

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Herbs on Tuesday: Turmeric for CKD and Other Inflammatory Disorder

Updated 3/16/2021 I thought it was time to start sharing my newly learned knowledge of Herbs and Essential Oils.  Essential Oils are way more potent than Herbs, and great care should be used when using them.  There are not a lot of viable studies as to the long term effects of Herbs on the body.  Curcumin and Turmeric have been used in Ancient Medicines and cuisine for thousands of years.  Below will be 3 articles for you to read more on Turmeric and what studies may show.  If you want to learn more, the 3 best sources I use are Medline, Pubmed, and Cochrane.

Curcumin is the active ingredient in Turmeric, and both are potent anti-inflammatory herbs.  Because CKD and many other diseases are either caused or perpetuated by inflammation Turmeric may be helpful to add to one’s diet.  It is the enzymes in the spice that offer anti-inflammation properties.  Studies have shown that Turmeric has a lot of promise in treating Inflammatory diseases such as CKD, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and possibly many more.  Because inflammation causes pain the options could be endless.

However, there are some risks to Turmeric that must not be overlooked.  Women who are pregnant, studies have shown, Turmeric may have negative effects in the womb.  Most herbs do not get studied on small children either, so data is hard to find on risks or benefits to children.  Turmeric is a high oxalate food.  So, if you have CKD, or are prone to kidney stones, or have Gout, Turmeric may pose more risk than benefit.  Your doctor or Dietitian could help you monitor blood work if you decided you wanted to try Turmeric capsules, extract or other higher doses of Turmeric.  Studies show that unless you are pouring the Turmeric onto your food, just cooking with it should cause no harm.  But, it is always better to be aware and Mindful of what one is eating.  Always discuss any Herbs, natural remedies, or over the counter medications with your doctor.  Just because something is natural does not mean it is good for you.  It may interact with other medications you are taking.  If you would like to learn more about Herbs, and Essential Oils and how they may be used as a more natural alternative use the contact form to message me for a free meet and greet.  Never just stop taking prescriptions and use Herbs instead.  This practice can be very dangerous.  One also needs to learn where to buy Herbs that are Organic and properly tested for safety and purity.

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