National Sandwich Day and CKD

I was wrong.  Friday was not National Sandwich Day, today is.  So I am not late with my post.  If you have CKD sandwiches can be not a great choice.  The high sodium content of bread and phosphorus in bread, make sandwiches potentially unhealthy.  Bread will also have some protein and potassium depending on the type you choose.  Bread can be a healthy option too, considering the vitamins and minerals it contains.  Moderation and choice of bread is obviously important when you have CKD.

I don’t eat a lot of bread, but when I do I really like Oat Bread for sandwiches.  I have posted previously about Ezekiel Bread.  It does not have great flavor and needs to be kept in the refrigerator.  It is also quite expensive, but very low in sodium.  If you are the baking type, you can make your own Ezekiel bread.  Click here for the recipe from

Using white flour, instead of whole-grain flour will reduce the phosphorus in any bread you make homemade.  I am not sure about almond flour but I would assume that flour is probably higher in protein amounts.  Here are a few more links to lower sodium bread you can make yourself:

Remember that cheese, and lunch meat will also have protein and sodium.  You need to choose wisely and add in small amounts.  Add veggies to your sandwich, which are naturally low in sodium, and adds lots of vitamins and minerals.  Choose lower potassium veggies.  Check my archives for the best cheese options for CKD.  If you have an Instant Pot it might have a bread-making option.  Mine does.  Or even a slow cooker or bread machine are great ways to make bread.

You can still enjoy sandwiches it just takes some planning and maybe learning to cook instead of buying store-bought.

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