Organic Candy and CKD

Updated 9/22/2021 I found the website I am going to share with you quite by accident while researching another topic.  It is not just Organic Candy that they offer either.  They have candy for specific diets, allergies, gluten-free, vegan etc.  What did I like most about this website?  Well for someone with CKD, organic is very important to me.  I really don’t care for soy in my foods, because I am sensitive to it, and I try to avoid the preservatives in foods as some studies have shown they can affect Kidney Disease.  When I eat Organic I just feel better, than when I eat foods stuffed with preservatives.  If you have CKD, snacks, and candy can be a huge problem for Phosphorus levels as the additive with Phos in the ingredients, are often added. Organic foods generally don’t use the Phosphorus additives, but you must always read the labels to be sure. Look for any words containing Phos in it. People feel like Organic is just a waste of money, and I agree it is more expensive, but to me it is worth it. With Halloween and the holidays fast approaching this website will definitely be on my needs list.  Visit the Natural Candy Store, to see all the awesome products they offer.  If you are into Made in the USA, there is a section for that too.  This is not a paid post.

Tune in tomorrow for Wellness Wednesday where I discuss Acne.  This starts a few weeks of posts on this topic and some more natural ways to help alleviate it.


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