My Top 5 Halloween Candy Picks for CKD

Update 10/29/2021: I have been stage 2 for over six months now!

If you read this blog then you know I am stage 3A, stable and want to keep it that way.  I would actually be thrilled to be stage 2 again, but doctors discourage that thought.  Starting with Halloween begins the holiday seasons of stressful parties, eating, over-eating, and not feeling well.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  I will be focusing on tips for the holidays probably right through New Year’s.  I do not love chocolate, but every now and then I want some chocolate.  Of course, Halloween means tons of chocolate lying around.  Tootsie Rolls did not make my top 5 picks, because they are not a favorite of mine, but if you are a chocolate lover Tootsie Rolls could help your craving.  I do have Dark Chocolate a couple times a week, in a single serving size, because it contains a good amount of Iron.  I will also eat White Chocolate if I am craving chocolate.  It has about 50mg less per serving of Potassium and Phosphorus.  However, because Phosphorus is not on the label it is hard to estimate exactly how much is in there.  For that reason, any chocolate needs to be consumed sparingly.  Potassium is clearly marked on labels.  If you have CKD and have Diabetes then looking for your favorites with sugar substitute is best.  Luckily these days there are lots of options for Diabetes, compared to even 10 years ago.  Holidays don’t have to suck or make you sick just because you have a Chronic Illness.

My top 5 Halloween candy picks for CKD are:

  1. Cinnamon discs
  2. Hot Tamales
  3. Orange Cream discs
  4. Werther’s Origials
  5. White Chocolate Kit Kat but only if Phosphorus is not an issue.


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