Throwback Thursday: Be Kind to One Another

Do you ever look back through old posts?  I have a homeschool blog on Blogger, and I look back sometimes.  Number one, I was not a very good writer, lol, but some of the absolute fun things we did are worthy of being shared again.  This blog is less than a year old, but I still have content to reflect on.  I love Christmas.  So, today for Throwback Thursday, I am sharing a post from Christmas time.

For a few updates:

1-  I have just completed my second Guided Imagery script.  This one is to quit smoking.  It will be available for purchase soon.  The first one was for Better Sleep, and I personally use it every night.  It works great!  If you are interested use the contact form below to message me.

2-  I finished Aromatherapy and will start adding info about that.

3-  I am now level 2 Reiki certified.  I do not have a place to do in-person sessions, at this time, but I will soon be offering distance sessions.

4-  Herbalism is also done, and I will be offering info about that.

5-  Finishing up with Meditation, and will soon be taking Reflexology.  As I don’t have a place to do hands-on, I will be promoting self Reflexology.

6-  The support group for Chronic Illnesses begins next Wed, sign up for October closes on Tues.  If you are interested in that, use the contact info below to message me.

7-  I am holding my first Kidney Health Coach class next week.  I am a little nervous, but once I get talking it will all be good.

Lots of exciting things going on here.  How are things in your world?



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