Eat Beets For A Better Memory!

This is an older post, that was updated on 9/27/2021/ Did you know Beets are good for  you?  Doesn’t matter that they taste a lot like dirt, they are really good for your brain.  Taking care of your brain can help your memory. Helping your memory may help prevent Dementia, and or Alzheimer’s.

No one at my house will touch beets, except me.  I am reading a book on juicing, and I am supposed to be adding beets to my smoothie everyday.  Unfortunately, I have not convinced myself to do so, yet.  I have seen the commercials for beet powder, instead of grinding up a beet, and thought maybe I would try some of that.  Maybe it doesn’t taste like dirt.  I haven’t actually bought any  yet, but if you have tried it let me know if it tastes like dirt. 

Since, I have CKD, and many who read this may as well, it is important that I tell you about some of the nutrition of beets.  Beets have no fat, well that is awesome.  They do however have a bit of Sodium, and Potassium.  1 cup of beets has 106mg of Sodium, and 442 mg of Potassium.  They are a good source of Iron, and Fiber though, also.  I use the website, or app, Eat This Much, to find out how much Phosphorus is in foods.  Beets have about 28mg per 1 cup.  That is actually pretty good.  Now the powdered beets, I don’t know the nutrition could be different.  So, make sure you are reading the label to make sure it meets your intake requirements.  I have seen ads proclaiming beets as a Super Food.

Why are beets good for the brain?  Beets are high in Antioxidants, which fight cancer, and Nitrates. Nitrates help increase blood flow to the brain.  Increased blood flow will help you to think more clearly, and help with attention span.  Beets are low in carbs, but they may help increase exercise performance. Watch the short video to learn more about beets.

Are beets prevalent where you live?  Do you like beets? Please share a delicious recipe for beets, or how you add them to smoothies. I get a lot of readers from other countries, so I am curious as to their local food sources.  If you wouldn’t mind leaving me a comment, I would appreciate it.

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