Happy Sunday!  Our internet is so slow today, bleh!  Normally I would do a Sweating on Sunday post, today.  But, I wanted to post some updates for my readers, and prospective clients.  As you know you can contact me anytime to start working with me. I only accept 3 to 4 clients at a time, so everyone gets the attention they deserve.  So, what is new?

1-  I made a introduction video.  However, I am not very good at taking videos of myself, and it is not the greatest.  Hopefully it will load soon, so I can share it.  I will be doing more videos in the future, keep reading.

2-  I am now certified with AKF as a Kidney Health Coach.  I will be making a video presentation for their criteria.  It will cover early symptoms, tests to have done yearly to check for kidney disease, and prevention.  It will be a lot of info, and it will be free to all readers world wide.  Watch for that.

3-  As I have stated previously, I am a LPN- Licensed Practical Nurse.  As such, I am already a Health Coach, it even says so in my Nurse Practice Act.  However, I am taking a certified Health and Fitness program, to better my knowledge mostly about fitness.  I will be making some walking videos for my Walking Buddy Program.  I am uncertain as to the timing of that, but stay tuned, soon I hope.

4-  Another thing the Health Coach Certification will teach me is about owning a business, and getting leads which lead to clients.  Some of this I already know from owning an Etsy store, Blogging, and working as an Independent Contractor Nurse, but there is so much to know.  Like, writing a Business Plan.  They definitely did not teach me that in nursing school.

5-  I am also updating my plans, to better reflect my Business Plan.  I will not be raising prices, just making them look neater, and professional.  The current ones are still valid, and I won’t change them until the new shiny one is ready.  I also need to upgrade this blog, which should happen soon.

If you would like a free meet and greet, to see if I can help you reach your Health and Wellness goals, use the contact form below to message me.  Please remember to allow 24-48 hours for me to return your message.