Foodie Friday: Spinach and Strawberry Summer Salad

Welcome back!  I missed yesterday’s post due to the holiday, and I hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July.  I was actually at my out of home job, but I got holiday pay, yay!  Keeping with the Summer, it’s too hot to cook theme, this week’s salad is super easy.  You can alter it anyway you want.  Keep in mind that while Spinach is rich in Iron, it is also very high in Potassium, and Vitamin K.  If you take blood thinners you have probably been advised by your doctor or Pharmacist to not eat too many foods rich in Vitamin K.  You can substitute Iceberg Lettuce instead if that fits you.  I actually love Iceberg Lettuce.  It is cheap, crunchy, and it isn’t completely devoid of nutrients.  Strawberries are perfect for people suffering with CKD.  High in Fiber, and lower in Potassium than a lot of fruits.  You could add a little apple, or cheese also if you like.  If this was going to be my main meal I would add a small bit of protein, such as Pork, or Chicken.  There are so many delicious Vinegar blends, and Vinaigrette’s on the market now, just check the sodium levels, most are lower in Sodium and Fat.

To make this simple salad, adjust amount if for one, or more people.



Pork or Chicken

Walnuts or I prefer Sunflower Seeds, or Ground Flax Seed.  Just a little like 2 or 3 tbsp.

Dress it however you like.  I prefer Raspberry Vinaigrette.





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