Foodie Friday: Grandma Snow’s Salad

I don’t know if this is an official name for this salad, but this is what my Momma used to call it.  Grandma Snow’s salad makes an excellent side, but I like it as a lunch meal.  When it is too hot to cook, this is a great meal.  Have it with fresh fruit or some sliced bread.  The top recipe is the original recipe, however if you have to watch your Potassium, then try one of the replacement veggies listed below the recipe.  Let me know if you love it.  This recipe is best if it gets to sit for at least 6 hours before eating it.  Come back next Friday for another great salad recipe.

Grandma Snow’s Salad Recipe:

Cucumbers peeled and sliced

Tomatoes cut up in small chunks

Bacon, Bacon Bits, Turkey Bacon, or you could try chicken.  Make sure whichever you use is cooked and crumbled.

Mayonnaise to taste

Pinch of salt and pepper

Put it all in a bowl, mix in the mayonnaise, and put in the fridge for at least 6 hours.  Enjoy!

Substitutes for the tomatoes:  Red or any other bell pepper, Yellow squash, peas, cauliflower, corn, cabbage or carrots would all be great.  A serving size is 1 cup.

If you would like to meet your dietary goals, use the contact form below to message me.  My goal for this week is to keep my sodium levels down by using other seasonings besides salt to flavor meals.





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