Sweating on Sunday: Sweatcoin Update and a New Pool

I am back from vacation, and feeling revived!  We didn’t actually go anywhere, but we did have family come visit, and did a lot of relaxing.  I love to relax, especially since it never seems to happen very often, lol.  My daughter is officially done with the homeschool year, and it was perfect time to take a quick vacation break.

A couple months ago, I shared with you an app I discovered, called Sweatcoin.  They actually pay you to walk outdoors.  At first I thought there was a 15 dollar limit for non paying members, but I was off by a zero.  It is 150 dollars per month, per non paying members.  It is my goal to hit that, haven’t yet, not because I am not outside walking, but because I forget to take my phone with me.  My husband just went and bought a new pool, yesterday, Happy Father’s Day to him, so now I can do water aerobics again.  I shared a beginner water aerobics video a couple of weeks ago.  It is so much gentler on your joints, and if you sweat you never know it, lol.  I am looking forward to starting that this week.  Plus, I have a waterproof case, for my phone, so I can earn Sweatcoins while I do the water aerobics, yay!

Go to the Google Play Store, or wherever you get your apps, to download the app, it is free!  The video below, is the very first indoor walking video that I used when I started to really focus on exercise.  It is great because it is only 15 minutes long, and you can adapt it to your needs.  There is no complicated choreography to worry about, and it will get you moving for 1 mile.  If you want someone to walk with you, while you walk, ask me about my Walking Buddy program.  Use the contact form below to message me.

So what is my goal this week, as far as exercise?  Exercise at least 30 minutes, 6 days, using whatever type of exercise I choose.  I actually have been exceeding this goal most weeks, up to 45 min to 60 min, 6 days a week.  I want it to be every week, no excuses for me.  Easier said then done, when I work especially.





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