Making A Food Kit for Hurricane Prep For Dialysis Patients

So, last week I told you about my 5 day food kit, but I am a non dialysis CKD person.  What if you are on dialysis?  Well your food kit will look much different, and if you have Diabetes too, well again different.  Every time I do one of these posts, I am going to stress to you the importance of a few things that will make your life a lot easier.

1-  Save a little bit of money each week, in case you need to evacuate.

2-  Buy a generator if you can.  We don’t own one, but I am not on dialysis,

3-  Sign up with your local power company as someone who needs their power turned on the fastest.  I may do this because my husband uses CPAP to sleep.  He won’t die without it, but none of us will sleep.

4-  Sign up with your county special needs shelter.  I believe all counties in FL have them, and update your info before each hurricane season.

The info I will share now is from the NKF website.  They recommend 3 days of food, I would say 5, as a lot of times the power is out for at least 5 days in some spots.  I start to stock up food and water in April and add a little bit each week.

Probably the most important thing will be the fact that you won’t be able to get dialysis so waste, and water can build up.  So here are the foods they recommend  to help avoid waste build up.  This list is somewhat similar to my list, I changed for my needs.  Remember it needs to last 5 days, and the list is per person.  So if there are 3 people in your house you need to take that into consideration.

Distilled, or bottled water 1-2 gallons.  Do not drink more than 4 oz with meds, and try to use applesauce instead of water, and suck on hard candy to help alleviate thirst.  Dry milk, or evaporated milk, cranberry, grape, or apple juice.  You must dilute the evaporated milk with water, half and half prior to using.

Cold cereal, but avoid bran, granola or cereal with dried fruits and nuts.  This will help keep your phosphorus down.  Fruit or fruit cups packed in water, not heavy syrup.  Remember that all canned foods must be used within 4 hours of opening, if they can not be kept cold.  Low sodium vegetables, no lentils or beans.  Remember a can opener.  Eat your fresh fruit and veggies first, and always remember fruit has liquid in it.  Potatoes and tomatoes are very high in potassium.

Canned meats, like tuna, crab, chicken or salmon low sodium varieties.  Rinse all canned foods prior to consuming, to  help reduce the sodium levels.  Unsalted peanut butter, or almond butter.  Bread, which can be frozen for up to 3 months, so you can stock up.  Mayonnaise, jelly, vanilla wafers, graham crackers, and unsalted crackers.  I can tell you Raspberry Preserves on anything is delicious, even unsalted crackers.  Sugar free candy, and chewing gum.  Chewing gum is another way to help keep your thirst at bay.  I have chronic dry mouth, and I frequently chew gum, of course sugar free is best.

If you don’t use your hurricane meal kit, which I hope you won’t have to, be sure to check expiration dates the next year, or donate when hurricane season is over to your local food pantry.

Don’t forget some spices.  Salt free seasonings are generally very high in Potassium so be very careful if using them, especially when you can’t get dialysis.  Try not to over eat, just eat little amounts to keep hunger at bay.  Vinegar tastes just like salt, and is salt free, but again it is a liquid, but you shouldn’t need much.  I use Red Wine Vinegar on everything.  Lemon Pepper seasoning is also one that you only need a little and it goes a long way.  Some do have sodium so check the label first.  Avoid salt as much as possible.  Try to grow a small garden, so you have some fresh veggies, and don’t need canned.  Even if you can only do pots.  I have leaf lettuce, tomatoes, I think potatoes, and carrots growing.  I also have grape vines, banana tree, and a blueberry bush, but so far they have not given me any fruit.

No soda, energy drinks, or sports drinks.  They are high in phosphorus and a lot of times sodium.  You might want a small pack of sugar, especially if you are diabetic.  Don’t forget plastic cutlery, especially if you have to evacuate and eat on the move.

Most important go over your emergency meal plan with your Dietitian to see if you should add, or remove something.  This is a great starter convo, but what suits one may not suit another.

Be safe, ready, and prepared!  Use the contact form below to message me, if you would like me to help you plan a plan.  This is serious stuff, and it can be very scary when it happens.  The better you plan, the less frightening it is.







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