Add Some Weight, Heft, Pounds

Updated 3/21/2021 Hello, again!  So, here in Florida it got really hot this week.  You can literally sweat just breathing certain parts of the day.  We discovered during the Winter some critter had gone under the house and tore a hole in one of the AC ducts.  I am sure it was an Armadillo.  So, now the AC won’t blow cold air correctly.  So, yep, you guessed it, I am sweating more than on just Sunday, lol.

I have been doing the Fitness Walking videos for quite some time now.  I figured it was time to add some light weights.  Building muscle burns more calories, than just Cardio or Aerobics.  Plus, it tones, builds strong bones, and builds balance and strength.  All good things!  However, I am prone to build bulky muscle, giving the appearance of being bigger, especially in my arms and shoulders.  This happens all the time to me.  Even without weights, my biceps, and shoulders are already firmer, and bigger.  So, I will try light weights with higher reps, hopefully avoiding looking like a linebacker.  Some of that probably has to do with needing to follow a very strict low fat diet, which if you have ever tried a very strict diet, well they fail frequently.  Below I will share links to an easy beginner walking video, and a light weight work out.  I also will be adding Pilates for lower body toning.  I will do the weights, and Pilates every other day.  I hope, unless my muscles are screaming in pain.  The days I work will only be a Fitness Walking video. To start I will use only 3 pounds weight, nothing higher.   If you need a Walking Buddy, check out my Walking Buddy plan, or message me.  I will walk with you, and encourage you.  I got 6 days of workouts in last week, plus my 8,000 steps per day, woot woot! Update: I am now up to 12,500 steps per day at least 5 days a week and most of the time 7. Still tweaking the diet, to get it right.  It is super hard with CKD.   It is hard without CKD, add that in, and it is even harder. Update: I lost 15 pounds on a lower carb diet and was able to maintain it through the holidays. I switched to Carb Cycling and gained 4. So, now I have gone back to what was working. I also got back to stage 2 CKD, one of my main goals. It won’t really be classified as such unless in 6 months I am still Stage 2. But, still an achievement.

Updates: I am now 51 and past Menopause, plus with CKD I worry about my bone health. I spoke with both of my doctors this month, March 2021 and both said the best way to build and maintain strong bones is not by worrying about Calcium intake, but rather to get enough Vitamin D and to add weight bearing exercises at least a couple of times a week. Read my other post on weight bearing exercises and Osteoporosis prevention. So, I have started using hand weights 3 to 5 pounds twice a week. They both said I really don’t need to go any higher than that as it could increase my blood pressure which is never good for CKD. You have to be mindful of these things when you have CKD. I do already take a Vitamin D supplement and I try to get at least 15 minutes of direct sunlight daily. If you would like to prevent Osteoporosis and would like a Health Coach to help you set goals to reach your health goals, use the contact form at the end of this post to email me for more info. You can also check out my Walking Buddy plan below.

You can add weights, pounds, or heft in several ways. You can use dumbbells, water bottles, empty water bottles with sand or pebbles, soup cans, your own body weight, sandbags, or anything that has some kind of weight to it.

Beginner Walking Video

Light Weight Arm Workout Video

My latest video

Updated Walking Buddy Program

It’s A New Day 30 Day Coaching Plan 


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