Memory Care: Learn A New Word A Week

I missed last week’s word, sorry about that.  Sometimes life gets a little crazy.  The word for this week, is, circumnavigate.  Don’t you love big fancy words?  Remember you should be keeping all the words in a journal, or online document.  I find if you write them, rather than type them it helps a lot in remembering them.  Hand writing is becoming extinct.  Write the word, and definition, 10 times each.  Then try to use the word in a sentence, find a synonym, draw a picture, or write a short paragraph using the word as many times as you can.  Then say the word, and definition out loud, 10 times each.  Go back over the other words, repeating 10 times each.  Test yourself to see how many you remember.  Are you following along?  How are you doing?

There are many other ways to help your memory.  If you would like to learn some other methods, use the contact form below to message me for a free meet and greet.  Tomorrow, or Wednesday I will put out my May calendar, and monthly special.




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