Foodie Friday: My Lunch and Dinner

Welcome back to Foodie Friday!  Before I get into it a few things to update.  I have a couple of friends who read this blog for me, just to critique what I say.  Yesterday, I said I don’t want to take medication.  This might have given the impression that I am against doctors, and medicine.  That is totally not the impression I meant to give.  For me, with CKD, as many drugs are cleared in the kidneys, it is best for me, if at all possible to avoid medications.  That was my only point.  I would never tell someone not to take medication.  Next, I have had a few friends be critical of my 1,000 calorie diet, despite me reassuring them that I am followed by 2 very competent doctors, and I have researched this quite well.  So, today for Foodie Friday I will share what I will be eating today, and hopefully people will see that I am eating plenty, and not starving myself.  I try to vary the diet so that I don’t get bored, and of course I cheat once in a while.  Yesterday I had cake, for example, a huge no no, but I did not gain any weight today, so my workout compensated for that piece of cake.  Today, I have to work second shift, so I have to bring a dinner.  This is always tricky for me.  I need something with substance, but still stay within my guidelines of CKD, and the 1,000 calorie diet.  My coworkers are eating out, and offering me too, but so far I have been able to resist.

Breakfast:  I very often skip breakfast, unless I am doing something where lunch will be really late.  Today, I only had a  cup of coffee, and then a cup of green tea.  I like French Vanilla creamer in both, so I did not eat any food.  I alter the foods I eat depending on my activity level for the day.  Even though I average 12,000 steps per day, when I work, it is a very low intensity of exercise.  Obviously it is awesome still, just low intensity.  So, on those days I will definitely require less carbs.


Lunch:  Today, I will have one sweet Italian sausage, with one cup cooked spaghetti, and 3 tbsp sauce.  That is right around 400 calories, and 16 grams of protein.  Remember I need 50 grams of protein a day.  This is tricky when trying to follow a Plant Based or Vegetarian diet.  I am getting used to beans, but I definitely don’t want beans when I am working.  I am sure you know why.  So, sometimes I have to include some meat.  This is leftover from last night, so it is lunch today.  One cup of pasta is a very small amount, keeping my carbs in control.

Dinner:  I try to never bring anything I have to warm, too much of a pain.  I like cold scrambled eggs, and use them in salads, to get good protein.  Below is a picture of my dinner.  You will see it is plenty of food.  The cheese, 2 ounces, you can’t see well, and the eggs, two,  give me low carbs, and the rest of my protein for the day.  The marinated beets, and carrots, plus the tomato add beneficial nutrients and will help keep me full due to quantity.  I really love raw spinach, but did not include it this time.  I add a little Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing to add flavor.  I always leave about a 100 calories free, just in case I get a hangry headache and need something.

So, that’s it for today.  You can see I am not starving, and along with a multivitamin I should be getting all of my nutrients.  After I have my blood work in July, if everything is good, I may drop the multivitamin, or cut it back to every other day.  Iron is always an issue, so I do have to be extra careful of that.

Next Friday, I will do a post on Easter dinner, no I still have not decided, and yes I love Ham.  Thursday, I will share Hurricane food prep ideas.  I did a post on my homeschool blog, back in 2017, right after I was diagnosed, but now I have the added issue of organic and plant based diet.  So, I have been doing a lot of research, and I think I got it figured out.  We did have to evacuate in 2017, and we were without power for 7 days.  The area we live in has been newly rezoned to be a flood area, never was before, but probably due to Climate Change.  So, that is something else to consider.

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