Memory Care: Learn A New Word A Week

I missed last week’s word, sorry about that.  Sometimes life gets a little crazy.  The word for this week, is, circumnavigate.  Don’t you love big fancy words?  Remember you should be keeping all the words in a journal, or online document.  I find if you write them, rather than type them it helps a lot in remembering them.  Hand writing is becoming extinct.  Write the word, and definition, 10 times each.  Then try to use the word in a sentence, find a synonym, draw a picture, or write a short paragraph using the word as many times as you can.  Then say the word, and definition out loud, 10 times each.  Go back over the other words, repeating 10 times each.  Test yourself to see how many you remember.  Are you following along?  How are you doing?

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Foodie Friday: Smoothies

Smoothies are awesome, for a lot of different reasons.  One, here in FL it is already getting hot, and they are a nice refreshing cold drink, especially if you grind up ice in there too, like me.  You can put anything you like in a smoothie.  I will share my favorite below.  For extra protein you can add whey powder.  Some people add bran, oats, flax seeds, and some cottage cheese.  Yes, cottage cheese.  I haven’t tried that yet, just seems gross to me.  I use a smoothie as a replacement meal.  My machine makes an 8 oz smoothie, and I can easily take it with me when it is ready.  Veggies such as spinach, and zucchini, which add beneficial nutrients but do not alter the flavor, are some also great choices.  I haven’t tried other veggies, but I know others use carrots, cucumbers, broccoli etc.  I have tried cabbage, and cukes, but they alter the flavor.  I like cukes, but not in my drink.  As a base liquid you could also use V8 juice, again not a popular one for me, but V8 splash was pretty good.  If you have Diabetes, or CKD of course you still need to count the potassium, sugar, carbs, protein, calcium, phosphorus etc.

My favorite smoothie is, 1oz all natural OJ no pulp, 3 ice cubes, 2 oz French Vanilla Creamer, a pinch of ground flax seed,  a pinch of fresh spinach, or mixed greens, and either a 1/2 banana, a few cherries, or some raspberries, but just one of these, not all.  I drink my smoothie pretty quick, because once it starts to get to room temperature, I am not enjoying it so much.  If it is too thick, I just add a little more liquid, usually water, just to loosen the consistency.

Do you make smoothies?  What is your favorite?  If you would like to learn about using smoothies as a meal replacement, use the contact form below to message me.



Grape Seed Powder and Benefits for CKD

This is a shorter than normal post, but I didn’t have a ton of time to put something more together.  However, I was very intrigued on reading this article on Grape Seed Powder Extract, and how it benefited people with CKD.  I had been researching red grapes for some time, but the seeds ground into a powder seems to be where all of the real nutrients are.  I still have a very slightly elevated Creatinine level, like by a half a point.  But, if in July when I am tested again, I am going to consider trying the one pictured below.  This is not a recommendation, and I will of course ask my doctor first. Talk to your doctor too, if interested.  Use the contact form below to message me.



Wisdom on Wednesday: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

This can mean a lot of different things, to different people.  All  humans have fears, anxieties, things that make us uncomfortable or nervous.  It is when we let those things control our lives that it becomes unhealthy.  For me large crowds, loud noises, and Claustrophobia are things I avoid.  In 2016 we went to a Huey Lewis and the News Concert, in Georgia.  It was good, so many old songs that I love.  There was a lot of people, for such a small place.  But, I got through it.  It helped that we had seats, and didn’t have to stand in a crowd.  Last November went to go see Ed Sheeran, in Tampa.  A much, much larger crowd, and we were at the very top of the stadium.  While I loved all the music, and it was a beautiful night, being up that high, and on a steep incline inhibited me from truly enjoying the experience.  I told my husband I would not be doing that, again.  But, I survived.  This past weekend, Garth Brooks, came to Gainesville.  My husband got us tickets for Christmas.  I was excited, but nervous.  He showed me where our seats would be, and they were great seats, so that helped a lot.  The day of the show, the weather was amazing!  Nice and cool,  large and damaging thunderstorms had come through the day before, knocking out power and taking down trees.  But, not on Saturday.  We got there early, I always recommend this.  You might end up spending more money than you want, but it helps with crowd anxiety.  There was no place to eat, well there was if you wanted to wait 2 hours.  So, we hung out and had a few drinks.  There were 90,000 plus people at this concert, and it was loud!  But, it was one of the best things I have done in a long time.  There were a lot of drunk people to contend with, a few fell on my lap, but I think there were only 4 arrests, and for that many people that is great.  I did it, and I would do it again, for the right concert.  Garth Brooks is amazing, and put on an amazing show.  If you ever get the chance to see him live, I highly recommend it.  It was super cool to see the full moon rising over the stage live.  I stepped outside my comfort zone, and so can you.  Don’t let small things steal your happiness.  Take baby steps, and work through it.  You can do it!

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Food on Friday: Easter Meal Choices

Updated 3/26/2021: As I continue to update old posts with my opt in mailing list and other items, some of the post is no longer relevant. Such as I am no longer eating 1,000 calories per day, and other items. You can read more recent posts to see what I am eating.

So, Sunday is Easter.  Holidays can be especially hard for anyone with restricted food options.  It will only be us this year, so that does make it a bit easier.  Tomorrow, Garth Brooks is coming to town, and I got tickets for Christmas, woot woot!  But, that means eating out before the concert.  So two zinger days in a row.  I will have to be extra conscientious of what I am eating, especially following a 1,000 calorie diet.  It has been hard to stick to it, especially if I am having a intense workout day.  So, to stick to it, I have lowered the intensity of my workouts a bit, so I am not feeling hungry all the time.

My daughter decided she wanted homemade Mac N Cheese, so I guess that means we will have Ham, and sweet potatoes.  I am sure I will make a nice big spinach salad too.  I probably will opt to just skip the ham for myself. That way I can have a little Mac N Cheese. Use part skim cheeses, or no fat cheese if you can tolerate that.    She also wants a cake and ice cream.  We are not fancy, lol.  I posted about desserts a couple of weeks ago, but I saw one that I think I will really like.  A pineapple slice, with a cherry, and 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Yum!  I am hoping I can make it through the weekend, and stay within my calories.  Since I am not looking for a diet, but rather lifestyle changes, it is imperative that I stick to it. Neither cheese or ham are optimal choices for someone with CKD. They are both high in sodium and phosphorus, so be sure and limit your portion sizes. Fat too is extremely high in these foods. Spinach, while a great, healthy food, eaten raw can cause oxalates which can increase your risk of kidney stones. So, again portions are super important if you are prone to kidney stones. Always try to opt for organic foods when possible. Turkey would be a much better option than ham. If you are Diabetic try a cauliflower mac n cheese instead of mac n cheese with pasta. Green beans, or broccoli instead of sweet potatoes is another great alternative. Frozen yogurt, or low fat ice cream are great options for replacing ice cream. There are low carb ice creams, but I have never tried one, so I can’t say how they taste. I have tried an almond ice cream and it was pretty good, but it was very very expensive, especially for a family. Try to drink only water, and not soda or other high calorie beverages. Remember that if you choose to have mashed potatoes you can soak your potatoes prior to cooking, and then rinse and add new water, to leach out some of the potassium. Avoid chocolate, if you can.

What will you be having for Easter dinner?  Do you have CKD, or Diabetes, or other restricted diet?  If you would like to learn more about cooking for your specific dietary needs, check out my new 1 month coaching plan. You can always contact me using the contact form at the end of every post to reach out to me with questions.

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Wisdom Wednesday: The Power of Words

Words are powerful, but you probably already know that.  Some people use words to teach, make a point, give an opinion, or show emotions.  Other use words like a weapon, as rhetoric, or propaganda.  So, what exactly is my point?

Use words to help you.  A journal, written in pen, or a blog typed on a keyboard, can all be therapeutic.  Be honest, reflective, and descriptive.  Don’t hold back.  I am actually going to write my memoirs.  I have lived a pretty remarkable life, but I keep most of it to myself.  There are things I have not ever told anyone, not even my husband, or children.  I have had a lot of pain in my life, but also a million blessings.  I think it is time to put my life into words.  I hope it will help people who may struggle with some of the things I did.  It will probably take me quite some time to write it.  There are things that I would just not rather remember.  I do not believe in living in the past, or holding grudges, so this will be a hard process for me.  I think I have decided on a title, and a prologue.  It will be penned anonymously, with names that are not real.  There is a reason for that.  My son will edit it for me, and I will probably publish it on Amazon Kindle.  I think everyone, should write their memoirs, I really do.  There is something empowering about putting your life to words to share with others.

Would you like to learn ways to use journaling, blogging, or writing a book as an empowering experience?  Use the contact button below to message me.



Memory Care: Learn A New Word A Week

Welcome back!  I missed my Sweating on Sunday post, yesterday.  We had some nasty storms come through, and I just didn’t get on.  This series, Memory Care, is the most popular posts for likes, and views, of any that I have done yet.  It shows me people are really concerned with their Memory Care, and so they should be.  The word for this week is, Circumnavigate.

You should have a journal, with at least 14 words in it now.  Look up the meaning, and write it ten times.  Then say it out loud ten times.  Use the word in a sentence.  Think of synonyms, write a funny paragraph, or use pictures.  Whatever will help you remember.  Then go back over all the other words.  You should really be starting to easily remember the words at the top of the list.  You have been repeating them for 14 weeks.  Close your eyes and test yourself, or make a test by writing the word, and no definition, and then you fill it in.

Good luck!  See you next week.

Easter is this coming Sunday, and I still have not decided what to eat, except for dessert, lol.  Ham is definitely out.  I was at Trader Joe’s today, because I love them, but their ham was 62 dollars.  Argh I almost laughed out loud!  Not only is ham awful for me, but at that price forget it.  If you don’t know, Trader Joe’s is all organic, but much more affordable than Whole Foods, or even Publix, and I love Publix.  If you have CKD, and come across this post, let me know what healthy options you are having.  I will share what I decide on Foodie Friday.  Might be salad, lol.

If you would like to learn more ways to meet your Memory Care goals, message me, using the contact form below,  to set up a free meet and greet.  I would love to work with you.



Foodie Friday: My Lunch and Dinner

Welcome back to Foodie Friday!  Before I get into it a few things to update.  I have a couple of friends who read this blog for me, just to critique what I say.  Yesterday, I said I don’t want to take medication.  This might have given the impression that I am against doctors, and medicine.  That is totally not the impression I meant to give.  For me, with CKD, as many drugs are cleared in the kidneys, it is best for me, if at all possible to avoid medications.  That was my only point.  I would never tell someone not to take medication.  Next, I have had a few friends be critical of my 1,000 calorie diet, despite me reassuring them that I am followed by 2 very competent doctors, and I have researched this quite well.  So, today for Foodie Friday I will share what I will be eating today, and hopefully people will see that I am eating plenty, and not starving myself.  I try to vary the diet so that I don’t get bored, and of course I cheat once in a while.  Yesterday I had cake, for example, a huge no no, but I did not gain any weight today, so my workout compensated for that piece of cake.  Today, I have to work second shift, so I have to bring a dinner.  This is always tricky for me.  I need something with substance, but still stay within my guidelines of CKD, and the 1,000 calorie diet.  My coworkers are eating out, and offering me too, but so far I have been able to resist.

Breakfast:  I very often skip breakfast, unless I am doing something where lunch will be really late.  Today, I only had a  cup of coffee, and then a cup of green tea.  I like French Vanilla creamer in both, so I did not eat any food.  I alter the foods I eat depending on my activity level for the day.  Even though I average 12,000 steps per day, when I work, it is a very low intensity of exercise.  Obviously it is awesome still, just low intensity.  So, on those days I will definitely require less carbs.


Lunch:  Today, I will have one sweet Italian sausage, with one cup cooked spaghetti, and 3 tbsp sauce.  That is right around 400 calories, and 16 grams of protein.  Remember I need 50 grams of protein a day.  This is tricky when trying to follow a Plant Based or Vegetarian diet.  I am getting used to beans, but I definitely don’t want beans when I am working.  I am sure you know why.  So, sometimes I have to include some meat.  This is leftover from last night, so it is lunch today.  One cup of pasta is a very small amount, keeping my carbs in control.

Dinner:  I try to never bring anything I have to warm, too much of a pain.  I like cold scrambled eggs, and use them in salads, to get good protein.  Below is a picture of my dinner.  You will see it is plenty of food.  The cheese, 2 ounces, you can’t see well, and the eggs, two,  give me low carbs, and the rest of my protein for the day.  The marinated beets, and carrots, plus the tomato add beneficial nutrients and will help keep me full due to quantity.  I really love raw spinach, but did not include it this time.  I add a little Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing to add flavor.  I always leave about a 100 calories free, just in case I get a hangry headache and need something.

So, that’s it for today.  You can see I am not starving, and along with a multivitamin I should be getting all of my nutrients.  After I have my blood work in July, if everything is good, I may drop the multivitamin, or cut it back to every other day.  Iron is always an issue, so I do have to be extra careful of that.

Next Friday, I will do a post on Easter dinner, no I still have not decided, and yes I love Ham.  Thursday, I will share Hurricane food prep ideas.  I did a post on my homeschool blog, back in 2017, right after I was diagnosed, but now I have the added issue of organic and plant based diet.  So, I have been doing a lot of research, and I think I got it figured out.  We did have to evacuate in 2017, and we were without power for 7 days.  The area we live in has been newly rezoned to be a flood area, never was before, but probably due to Climate Change.  So, that is something else to consider.

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Expand Your Knowledge Take A Kidney Class

So, before I get to the main topic, this blog now has 50 followers, woot woot!  That is halfway to the goal I set for this first year, and to upgrading this blog.  This weekend I should have some longer blog time available, and will start following my followers.  It is very important to make blogging buddies.  In the near future, I hope, I will be starting a blog to blog share, but I have to think some more about how I want that to look.  I also will be starting a straight up chat via Instant Messenger, for people who prefer to communicate that way.  I will announce that next week, officially.  For that particular option it will just be chat, no assessment needed.  Very informal, but still has to be goal oriented, and on topic.

One of the best ways to increase your knowledge about Kidney Disease, or any disease, is to take a class.  Davita offers free classes, and some may be in person in a facility near you.  I highly recommend you check their website.  Davita also offers online classes.  I am sure National Kidney Foundation does as well.  But, one of my favorite websites is EDX.  They have all kinds of classes, and if you are willing to take the paid version you can get a certificate, or even college credits.  I chose these 2 classes to share with you today.  I am enrolled in the Lifestyle Medicine for Chronic Disease, and Introduction to Urology.  Lifestyle Medicine is the wave of the future, in my opinion.  You need to learn about the kidneys, and how they function to better understand your own body.  I am sure there are tons of other websites, but these are my favorites.  I even use Edx for my homeschooled daughter.  She will definitely be taking Nutrition classes on there in the next few years.

If you would like to learn about any of the programs I offer, use the contact form below to message me.



Wisdom on Wednesday

It is time to share a little bit about my weight loss struggle.  I think one of the hardest things for people, is when a doctor, nurse, nutritionist, whatever health care workers tells you to lose weight, and they themselves are chubby.  Because, I am only 4 11, it is very hard to maintain the weight on paper that the doctor says I need to weigh.  Matter of fact I have never weighed what they say I should weigh.  My whole life I have been a little chubby.  But, I also carry quite a bit of muscle mass, which is of course never considered in the equation of a doctor.  Because most of my fat is in my middle, like most women, this fat is particularly difficult to lose.  I am also, like most women impatient with the amount of effort needed to actually lose weight, and keep it off.  So I have been taking nutrition classes, which are awesome for increasing knowledge base.  But, I still thought something was missing, since I am only losing like an ounce or two a week.  That is way too slow!  So, I figured out my Basal Metabolic Rate, and started watching My 600 Pound Life, I will tell  you why below.

According to the BMR calculator, I need to consume 1500 calories per day, to just maintain my current weight.  Most people need 1500 calories to lose weight, mine is just to maintain, ugh.  That is problem number one.  I have an incredibly slow metabolism, like almost non existent it seems.  Even with increased intensity in my exercise, it still moves like a snail, and no I don’t have Thyroid issues.  I am just very unlucky in the metabolism department.  In order to lose weight, I would have to get rid of at least 500 calories per day.  I have already increased my aerobic intensity, and time, so that leaves food.  That means, my body, and my metabolism needs to consume only 1,000 calories per day to lose weight.  Good grief, that sounds awful.  Actually, I have been doing it for a week, or so, and while some days I actually had to go over a little, because of too intense of workouts and not having enough fuel, I am seeing results.   So, on the days I do more intense workouts it is more of a 1200 calorie day, but on lighter days it is 1,000 calories.  This seems to be working, now for how long we will see.  I have lost 4 pounds this week.  While it is not my goal to lose too fast, I do need some kind of results other than an ounce a week.  It is a juggling act, just like anything else with a chronic illness.  Since I have CKD I can’t eat high protein, but I need high density meals to give me enough fuel.  I need at least 50 grams of protein a day, at this weight and activity level.  That has been kind of tricky with just 1000 calories per day, but I am getting it with eggs and beans.  I also am taking a high quality multivitamin every day now.  I get blood work every 6 months, and have learned to know my body symptoms if something is wrong.

That leads me to the show My 600 Pound Life.  I started watching this out of curiosity of how someone can really weigh that much.  I don’t weigh 600 pounds, I don’t even weigh 200 pounds, but my thought was maybe I could learn something, and I did.  Emotional eating, comfort eating, enablers who allow the over eating, very slow metabolism, depression, no drive to exercise, relationships to food, family dynamics these are all things I have discovered lead to people weighing that much.  What does that have to do with me?  Well one, I have an extremely slow metabolism, always have.  2-  I didn’t think I had a bad relationship with food, but after much thought and examination I find I do.  Not necessarily in the same way as the people on the show, but fear of being malnourished, and getting anemia again which was devastating to me, plus the fear of my good kidney failing, have all led me to over obsess about food, and drive me to eat too many calories for what my body actually needs.  Plus, even though I thought I knew how much I was really eating, I am discovering I really did not.  I was good at counting the protein, phosphorus and sodium to keep my kidney good, but calories and fat not so much.  I also have a fear of too much exercise.  While that probably sounds dumb, an injury will set me back, could make me lose work, and that always sits in the back of my mind.  While I still have to be aware of that, fears only limit my abilities with no good outcomes.  The show, by making me see through the eyes of others who struggle, that some of their issues are actually similar to some of mine.  I can’t let fear win.  I have to be more mindful of what I put in my body.  I am mostly plant based, for the past couple of months, but bread and pasta, are part of that, which of course carries quite a bit of calories.  Finding a happy balance to keep my body healthy is a journey.  I  have to learn to be patient, and mindful on the journey.  My stamina, strength and balance have increased so much.  That is just as important as a number on a piece of paper, and I have to remember that too.

Do you struggle with weight?  Just because something works for one does not mean it should be done by another.  We are all different, and our bodies have different needs.  Illnesses, medications, all need to be considered when embarking on a diet and exercise regime, and should not be taken lightly.  Talk to your health care provider for advice, if they are ineffective, then ask for a referral.  I am blessed that my new primary care doctor believes in food as medicine, and even though the changes are difficult, it is a goal to hopefully never need medicine for my body to function the best it can.  While a multivitamin can be considered as medicine, it is a necessity right now for me to take.  Allowing my body to get malnourished would be detrimental to my health.


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