Memory Care Learn A New Word A Week: Bowdlerize

Isn’t that a fancy sounding word?  Say it ten times fast, lol.  I can’t do it.  The word for this week is Bowdlerize.  You should be keeping your words in some kind of a journal. I use Google docs as an online journal.  Make sure you look up the definition, write the word and the definition 10 times each, then say out loud the word and the definition 10 times each.  Then go over all the previous words.  Try to quiz yourself to see if you are remembering them.  If you are not remembering them, try using them in a sentence, and saying them all out loud, again, with the definition.  The more you see it, say it, and write it out, the better the chances of remembering them.  You can study them as often as you like.  Try making a song, or synonyms for the words.  It can be fun!

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