Memory Care A New Word A Week: Antebellum

Welcome back!  It is time for word #5 in the list of 100 words we will be learning.  This week’s word is, antebellum.  Remember, look up the definition of the word.  Then in your journal write the word, and the definition 10 times.  Then, say the word, and definition, out loud 10 times.  Then go back over the first 4 words, saying them out loud 10 times.  You should already have them written in your journal.  How are you doing?  Are you remembering the old words?  If you are still having a hard time, try going over them daily, saying each word and definition 10 times.  You can also continue to write them 10 times.  Try using them in sentences.  Then re read the sentence each week, and see if you can figure out the definition.

This is a very long series, so be sure to check back weekly and follow along.  If you would like more help with memory care, use the contact button to message me for a free meet and greet.  February is heart awareness month, and I am running a special of 10% off the monthly package, for all new clients.


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