My Education Classes

So, to go along with the topic of Memory Care, learning new things, or reviewing old info learned, is a great way to keep and or improve your memory.  I am always learning new things.  Some are not related to nursing.  I love Art, Crafts, Reading, health related topics, etc.  Nature is also a big topic for me, ie gardening, animals, etc.  I will be sharing the classes, in a list, that I have completed, or am currently working on. These are just my most current ones. I won’t share the extensive long list from years prior.  I will add to the list as I complete, or start new ones.  Use the contact button if you would like to learn where you can take classes for free, some you can even transfer for college credits. Please read my Hello page, and The Boring Stuff, if you want to work with me as your Health or Life Coach.  I am working on a referral program, and a discount for February.  Work your memory it is a terrible thing to waste.  cropped-health-buddy-melissa1.jpg


Health Coaching for Patient Care:  Completed

The Science of Weight Loss:  Completed

Chronic Disease Treatment with Lifestyle Modification:  Completed

Abuse In the Elderly:  Completed

Introduction to Algebra:  In progress.  I homeschool my daughter, so I am always learning or relearning in order to be a more effective teacher, or helper.

Happiness CEU:  Completed

Science of Happiness:  In progress




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