Memory Care Monday: Abrogate

Updated 11/15/2021: If you have been following along then you realize this is actually the week 2 word that I am now editing. I am editing all of the previous weeks before I move on to new words on the list. Remember, these are to help you keep your brain active. My new newsletter will go out Wednesday and I am hoping to have a worksheet for subscribers of all of the words covered so far.

How did you do on week 1?  Did you write the word, and definition 10 times, and then say it out loud 10 times?  I did, I hope you did too.  This is a great way to challenge your memory, and learn some new vocabulary words.  The word for week 2 is , abrogate.

Watch the very short video below to see what abrogate means, or you can look it up. There are many ways to memorize new words. Write the word, and definition, 10 times, then say the word and definition out loud 10 times. Each day repeat this with the word of the week and all previous words. Use a traditional paper journal or an online type of journal. I find actually writing them out the traditional way, rather than typing, is a much more effective way to remember them, but everyone learns differently. If you like to draw, draw a picture story explaining the word. If you like to write, create a poem, or short story with the word being the main topic of the story.

After I get to 10 words, I will post a kind of memory test to see how much I, and you if you like, remember.

Want to improve, or maintain your memory, using other techniques?  Use the contact button to email me, and set up a free meet and greet.  There is no obligation to purchase anything, and the meet and greet are always free.

Exercise is a great way to help prevent Dementia. Check out my Walking Buddy Plan.


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